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...Oporto, Portugal's second-largest city and the capital of its port wine industry, with many streets
unchanged since the Middle Ages, this city along the Douro River has a remarkably unspoiled assortment
of architecture. The history of this now great city had humble beginnings. The Romans gave the place
the name of "Portocale”. The Moors later occupied it in the early 8th Century. It was later captured in the
name of the Christian army in 982. The place only expanded during the Period of the Discoveries when
Portugal became Europe's central point in trade. In the 15th Century the town was one of the ship building
centres in Portugal.
The city has a number of distinctive atmospheres and this is very evident when comparing the various
parts of the city. As would be expected of such an important city it is full of fascinating buildings. Oporto
is full of charm with many art treasures, striking cathedrals, waterfront cafes and bars and an atmospheric
riverside Ribeira quarter. Despite being predominantly industrial, Oporto thrives on its history, culture and
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