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Gerês / Caniçada - S.Bento

With a unique location in the heart of Peneda/Gerês
National Park, this Pousada has a breathking view over
the river Cávado and the peaceful Caniçada dam. These
are landscapes to remember, while appreciating a
delicious appetizer on the Pousada's terrace, looking
down at the beautiful sunset reflected on the water.
Nature accommodation in Portugal: Pousada de Gerês / Caniçada - S.Bento
Marão - São Gonçalo

Set on the Marão Mountain Range and only 20km from the town of
Amarante, this Pousada is the perfect place to enjoy the magnificent
landscapes of the mountains and the Tâmega valley. The splendour of the
view from the Pousada sitting room is matched by the excellent quality of
the cuisine. In the Pousada's immediate surroundings, guests can enjoy
the most beautiful tours, amongst which a visit to Mateus Palace, which
apart fromits architectural beauty, offers guests a full programme of
international cultural activities.
Nature accommodation in Portugal: Pousada de Marão - São Gonçalo
Torreira / Murtosa - Ria de Aveiro

Located in the isthmus that connects Murtosa to the
beaches of São Jacinto, the Pousada de Murtosa / Torreira
- Ria is set in a preserved area with a unique natural beauty.
The varandas overlook the Aveiro River tributary and on
peaceful evenings you can appreciate the fishermen at
work on the traditional "Moliceiros" boats. Surrounded
by water, this is the ideal spot for fishing, water sports or
going to the beautiful beaches wich are near the Costa
Nova's typical colourful houses.
Nature accommodation in Portugal: Pousada de Torreira / Murtosa - Ria de Aveiro
Manteigas - São Lourenço

Entirely built with stone of the region, the Pousada de
Manteigas - São Lourenço, is located on the top of the
Serra da Estrela Natural Park, enjoys a magnificent view
over the river Zêzere Valley. It is the perfect place for
peaceful walks, followed by relaxed conversations by the
fireplace. Guests can either practise winter sports
during the season or have a refreshing swim in the
Summer, in the natural lagoons.
Nature accommodation in Portugal: Pousada de Manteigas - São Lourenço
Proença-a-Nova - Amoras

Pousada das Amoras is an extension of the estate
belonging to the Baptista Diniz family, occupying a building
adjacent to the palace built in 1905. It respects the style
of the time, with a turret and period windows. The new
Pousada is called “das Amoras” (“of the Blackberries”)
as it is located on a property that used to bristle with
wild blackberry bushes. It has 32 rooms, one suite
and a bar, restaurant, swimming pool, sauna and gym.
Nature accommodation in Portugal: Pousada de Proença-a-Nova - Amoras
Sousel - São Miguel

Situated on a hill overlooking the vast Alentejo plains,
stands the white-painted walls and peaceful Pousada
de Sousel - São Miguel, with its cinegetic interior designs
that is always waiting for the shooting, leisure and
unique rich cuisine lovers. Sousel has the oldest bullring
in Portugal. Located near the Maranhão dam, it is also
ideal for fishing and water sports.
Nature accommodation in Portugal: Pousada de Sousel - São Miguel
Pousada de Torrão - Vale do Gaio

In the heart of the Alentejo region, 30 km from Alcácer
do Sal and over the Vale do Gaio dam, stands the beautiful
Pousada of Torrão. It is the perfect place for shooting,
fishing nature and water sports lovers, as well asfor
gastronomics buffs. The sunsets at the terrace,
overlooking the dam make your stay at this
Pousada unforgettable.
Nature accommodation in Portugal: Pousada de Torrão - Vale do Gaio
Pousada de Santiago do Cacém - Quinta da Ortiga

This Pousada de Santiago do Cacém is located in a
typical Alentejo farm estate, a few minutes from Santiago
do Cacém and the São Vicente Coast beaches. It has a
beautiful chapel and it is encircled in a magnificent
landscape crossed by a refreshing river, terraced
gardens and a swimming pool are located where the
former watering reservoir used to be. This Pousada's
concept is based on its peaceful rural atmosphere, altough
there are interesting cultural-historic sites nearby, such
as Santiago castle or the Miróbriga Roman ruins, the largest
and most complete ruins South of the Tagus river.
Nature accommodation in Portugal: Pousada de Santiago do Cacém - Quinta da Ortiga
Santa Clara-a-Velha - Santa Clara

Near the beaches of the coast of S. Vicente, surrounded
by a breathtaking mountain landscape and close to
Santa Clara dam, you will find the Pousada de Santa
Clara-a-Velha. The view from its balconies and
swimming pool gives you the tranquility and relaxation
you need. Its peacefulness is ideal for shooting,
fishing, water sports or even for a rest in perfect
harmony with nature.
Nature accommodation in Portugal: Pousada de Santa Clara-a-Velha - Santa Clara
Sagres - Infante
Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Pousada is
located in the village of Sagres, in the Algarve region.
This village has an important historical and maritime
significance, from where, 500 years ago, Prince D.
Henrique's caravels left to look for new countries. The
discovery of the cultural authenticity of the area and
the possibility of walking on desert beaches, allow
you to forget about the real world. From the fishing
village of Sagres come the excellent fish and seafood
that can be quietly savoured at the Pousada, a contrast
to the more usual cosmopolitan bustle of the Algarve
coast. Only 5 km from the Pousada, you will find the
Fortaleza do Beliche, the most south-westerly hotel in
Europe with an unforgettable view.
Nature accommodation in Portugal: Pousada de Sagres - Infante
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