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Vila Nova de Cerveira - D.Diniz

This Inn is set in a small XIII century manor
house, where rooms and suites have their own
courtyards, and ensures guests have total privacy.
From the manor's old walls you have the most
magnificent view over the river Minho. This is
an excellent starting point to get to know the
beautiful Minho landscapes and traditions, or
even to relive the military achievements of this land.
Historical accommodation in Portugal: Inn of Vila Nova de Cerveira - D.Diniz pousada.
Guimarães - Santa Marinha

Near the historical centre of Guimarães, set on a hill overlooking the city,
we find the majestic Inn of Guimarães - Santa Marinha, the XII
Century Augustin Monastery, which after being rebuilt and restored,
received the National Architectural Prize in 1985. Penha Park, the
gardens and the interior corners with granite fountains, the rich
Portuguese glazed tiles, the cloisters, the balconies and terraces over
the city will, together with the magnificent cuisine and wines, make you
wish to stay for a very long time.
Historical accommodation in Portugal: Historical Inn of Guimarães - Santa Marinha pousada. Historical accommodation in Portugal: Historical Inn of Guimarães - Santa Marinha pousada. Historical accommodation in Portugal: Historical Inn of Guimarães - Santa Marinha pousada.
Mesão Frio - Solar da Rede

In the midst of the Douro demarcated wine region, on the
road from Mesão Frio to Régua, is the Solar da Rede,
with its breathtaking view over the River Douro. Ideally
located within a 27-hectare vineyard, this 18th century
manor house offers visitors the chance to sample the
reality of local vineyard life, whilst reliving the
ways of Port savouring.
Historical accommodation in Portugal:Historical Inn of Mesão Frio - Solar da Rede pousada.
Belmonte - Convento de Belmonte

Very near Belmonte, where Pedro Álvares Cabral was
born, the Inn of Belmonte - Convento de Belmonte
results from the reconstruction of the ruined Convent
of Nossa Senhora da Esperança, where there is also
a small 13th century Chapel. The Inn of Belmonte
preserves all the historical architecture of the
convent, including an amphitheatre in the woodlands.
Historical accommodation in Portugal: Historical Inn of Belmonte - Convento de Belmonte pousada.
Vila Pouca da Beira - Convento do Desagravo

History tells us that the Convento do Desagravo was
built on the orders of the Bishop and Count, Dom
Francisco de Lemos de Faria Pereira, during the last
quarter of the eighteenth century. Today it preserves this
fascinating piece of history intact, carefully adapted to
provide contemporary comfort. Its superb location,
close to the mountains of the "Serra da Estrela" and
the "Serra do Açor", helps to create a romantic and
peaceful atmosphere.
Historical accommodation in Portugal: Historical Inn of Vila Pouca da Beira - Convento do Desagravo pousada.
Óbidos - Castelo de Óbidos

Within the centuries-old beautiful castle walls that
encircle the village of Óbidos, Pousada was the first
one to be adapted and restored from a historical
monument. Óbidos is a first rate tourist attraction,
known for its typical white houses with blue trim,
flowered windows, narrow streets and steps paved
with beautiful stone.
Historical accommodation in Portugal: Historical Inn of Óbidos - Castelo de Óbidos pousada.
Queluz / Lisboa - D. Maria I

Queluz / Lisboa - D. Maria I is located in the building
formerly used by the Royal Guard of the Court in the
Palace of Queluz, known as the "Portuguese
Versailles". This Pousada's attractive interior design
and exacting recuperation of its little private "theatre",
can only match the exquisite cuisine of the Cozinha Velha
Historical accommodation in Portugal: Historical Inn of Queluz pousada.
Palmela - Castelo de Palmela

Palmela Inn - Castelo de Palmela, nestles within the village
castle, with the convent cloisters incorporated. Located on
top of an imposing hill, it affords one of the most impressive
panoramic views in the area. Palmela boasts excellent wines
and superb cuisine, and it is also the perfect starting place to
discover the Costa Azul and the magnificent Arrábida
Natural Park.
Historical accommodation in Portugal: Palmela - Castelo de Palmela pousada.
Setúbal - São Filipe

Setúbal Inn - São Filipe, a fortress built in the 17th
century by King Philip II of Spain (Philip I of
Portugal), has a breathtaking view over the River
Sado estuary. Setúbal, one of Portugal's main ports,
also offers beautiful walks within the historic
centre and surroundings, such as Sado river
beaches or the Arrábida montain range
Historical accommodation in Portugal: Setúbal - São Filipe pousada.
Estremoz - Rainha Santa Isabel

The castle of Estremoz is the result of the restoration
of the magnificent Palace that King D. Diniz built for
his wife, Queen Santa Isabel. The high quality of building
materials used, has been completed with the finest decor
including museum pieces. From the private palace
gardens and swimming pool surrounded by battlements,
you have the most superb view over the city of Estremoz
and the vast Alentejo plain.
Historical accommodation in Portugal: Estremoz - Rainha Santa Isabel pousada.
Vila Viçosa - D. João IV

The Pousada de D. João IV is set in the former Convent
of Chagas de Cristo in the historical village of Vila
Viçosa. Very characteristic with its intricate themed
rooms, full of legends and tales, the Inn has kept intact
the convent cells, the retreats and the oratories built
by the nuns. You can also appreciate the exquisite
conventual recipes.
Historical accommodation in Portugal: Vila Viçosa - D. João IV pousada.
Évora - Lóios

In the heart of historic the centre of Évora, a city
classified by UNESCO as World Heritage, stands the
Pousade de Évora - Lóios, originally a convent and one
of Évora's most precious architectural buildings. Staying
at Évora - Lóios Inn is reliving history itself in each
stone, each glance and each object.
Historical accommodation in Portugal: Évora - Lóios pousada.
Alvito - Castelo de Alvito

With the restoration of an unusual 15th century castle
in the village of Alvito, the beautiful Alvito Inn
was born. It honours the culture of the region, not
only by its atmosphere, but also by its traditional
gastronomy and wines. What used to be the agricultural
land of a medieval castle, is now a superb garden
Historical accommodation in Portugal: Alvito - Castelo de Alvito pousada.
Beja - São Francisco

In the former 13th century Franciscan Convent located
in the heart of the historical centre of the Alentejo town
of Beja, we find this impressive Inn. Combining the
mystic monument with the needs of today's standards of
well-being and comfort, the São Francisco Inn, with its
magnificent cuisine, allows guests to relax both body
and mind.
Historical accommodation in Portugal: Beja - São Francisco pousada.
Tavira - Convento da Graça

Tavira Inn is a historic luxury hotel in Algarve, that
blends the perfection of classic lines and the warm
atmosphere, with modern equipment. This Algarve hotel
is near the golf course Benamor, the golf course Monte Rei
and the golf course Quinta da Ria, allowing those who
practice this sport it will be the opportunity to improve their
game in some of the best Algarve golf courses.
This Inn in Tavira is ready to accommodate from the most
demanding business client, to the guest that simply wants to
spend an afternoon by the pool or having a delicious meal
at the restaurant.Also ideal for those who want to spend
their holidays in Tavira, either summmer either a
weekend long break.
Historical accommodation in Portugal: Tavira - Convento da Graça pousada.
Amares - Sta. Maria do Bouro

Between the city of Braga and the Gerês mountain range,
stands Sta. Maria do Bouro Pousada, the result of the
restoration of a former Cistercian Monastery, one of the
most characteristic of that period in Portugal. In accordance
with the monastic severity, but with a comfortable and modern
decoration, this Pousada is an absolute must to discover
the cultural sites of Minho.
Historical accommodation in Portugal: Beja - Amares - Sta. Maria do Bouro pousada.
Crato - Flor da Rosa

A castle, a convent and a palace, built in different periods,
were the origin of this ecclesiastical architectural work of
outstanding harmony. The former Knights of the Order
of Malta's monastery, is surrounded in medieval mystic.
Flor da Rosa Pousada manages to combine the genuine
characteristics of the convent, highlighting them with an
architectural project, which although modern, entirely
respects its origins.
Historical accommodation in Portugal: Crato - Flor da Rosa pousada.
Alcácer do Sal - D. Afonso II

Located not far from Lisbon, in the Álcacer do Sal castle.
At this site, with 5000 years of History, that go back to
the later Neolithic period, we come across a variety of
important cultural remains, such as Phoenician, Arab or
even Roman. This Pousada overlooks the river Sado,
which runs through a vast green valley.
Historical accommodation in Portugal: Alcácer do Sal - D. Afonso II pousada.
Convento d'Alter

Located in Alentejo, the most unspoilt province of Portugal,
only 2 hours drive from Lisbon, the Convent D'Alter Hotel was
born from the restauration of a 16th century convent. Used during
the last century as a private house, it was now rebuilt keeping
its original splendour to welcome guests with the traditional
warm Portuguese hospitality.

Historical accommodation in Portugal: Convento d'Alter pousada. Historical accommodation in Portugal: Convento d'Alter pousada.
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